Just found a small concern with bf4

has anyone notice when on bf4 and u turn u get the kinda affect like ur drunk or seeing double kinda thing like the screen is going out of focus


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I've seen the blur you speak of.  On some of the text in the game, it's there momentarily (less than a sec) and goes away.  Consistent to the point I assumed it was programmed to do that ... though I'm sure it wasn't.

Nothing major.  But I noticed it.

for me it was the whole screen

Ghostz, are you experiencing this:


First, I heard this was due to a commander using EMP, but have also heard that is not the case.  I haven't found any concrete info on it.

Is it the coloured flashing? Because I found out that that is the commander activating EMP. Hopefully they remove that. It's really annoying.

Anyone using Android To second screen mine will not connect to multi player saying is not on the same network but it is :(

mr mullet yes its that the same as that i was on caspion boarder

Listen to this it explains it.