Just Curious...how many founding members of XBL are there still on?

I started with XBL on that November day in 2002 and have continued ever since. I've gotten a lot of reactions lately because people are surprised to see "9" years on my profile.

Is there somewhere I can find that info? Is there someone who might know it?

It's cool to think we're the earliest adopters and consistent users of this outstanding service.



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You could try calling phone support, and they can search your gamertag, and it will show exactly the day you created your account.

info on your own tenure now shows up somewhere on your dashboard,i stumbled onto mine the other day,zero years.

i have no idea how you would find out how many other people have been there since day one.

don't forget, it only counts the time your gold, my tenure is 4 but i have been an xbox holder since 2003.

I'm your huckleberry!

I am making my way to 5 years but this is my second gamertag I had, I had the Xbox since the first day it came out with a different gamertag. My current gamertag I had since 2007 I believe

I've been using XBL since it first came out and have a "9" as my tenure count as well.

I am, however mine is only showing 6 years.  I was in on the beta from day one but I think at some point between then and the 6 years I have now I let my subscription stop and must have started a new account for some unknown reason :(  Went through some bad times back then and I really can't remember why I would have done that lol.  But ya, technically I have been on since the first day of beta and still going.

I joined Live on day 1 - November 15, 2002 and I have been a continuous member ever since.  


I only wish the original Unreal Championship (the first game I played on Xbox Live) was still Live compabitle.  

its been that long, i had a roommate so we shared a gamertag back then, i dont even remember if you could change your gamertag on the og xbox,anyways 6 years 2nd gamertag and i just applied for ambassor..i joined xbox for halo FPS..