Just changed my E-mail but can't use the old one to change E-mail on another Xbox account.

Like that title says, I've changed the E-mail of some secondary Xbox account to some crappy E-mail that I don't use, since the secondary account had  my primary E-mail. But now I want to replace my old E-mail which is linked to my primary Xbox live account with my new primary E-mail but I can't. Is it because I need to wait for the change to happen ? What I also find weird is that I can stil log into this account with my Previous linked E-mail and the newly linked E-mail. I hope I just need to wait for some time for the changes to go in effect ?


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Well when you change accounts, You can't change the login but I know emails go to your newly listed email.

That wasn't what I meant, what I meant is how long do I need to wait to use my primary e-mail on my primary xbox live account since I've already changed my primary email with some secondary email. Do I again need to wait for a month until I can use my primary email to replace the email on my primary xbox live account ?