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Ok, so out of anticipation I checked out Julys new game releases. I've got £120 on a trade in card and £60 quid on reward cards plus some more games to trade back and I was gonna go on a bit of a blitz.

Unfortunately, there is nothing being released that looks half decent. Best of the bunch seems that Call of Juarez game. Anyone heard anything positive about it?

Anyway, gonna go back and get some recently released games. Got Alice and F3AR on the radar. Anything else I should look out for?


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The last COJ was a good game, I will be picking up the next one. It was sort of like a Cowboy COD. (which may be a bad thing to you but i liked it)

As i said in another thread tho this years games have been poor with not one exceptional game being released thus far imo.

All the blockbuster titles will be released within a the months of Sep/Oct and Nov unfortunaltely.

Id wait for the bigger titles.

You seem to play every game going Lav lol, so I'm sure you'll find something to spend your money on. I don't think there is anything worthwhile until 26th August when Deus Ex is released......then everything comes out!!! First 6 months of 2011 was dire, second six months could be epic. Such a contrast.

Wait for September :)

True it's best to wait, the majority of the games recently have been medioric. The biggies are usually here Oct and Nov.

The only one I'm getting in July is Call of Juarez. And after that.... it's on like donkey kong!!!

All the good games seem to be coming out Sept/Oct/Nov. Looks like I'm going to be skint for Christmas then! Why can't they have the sense to spread big releases....surely there is a big gap in the market for one of the big titles?!

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Wait for November :)