Judge Dread?

I've experienced my fair share of idiots on LIVE, but I want to hear everyone elses experiences!

We've all had that one game where someone or a group of people aim to ruin it for others. My question is; Have you ever dealt "justice" to these players? by placing them into the nearest tyre wall or cliff edge?

It can be highly satisfying taking out a dirty racer when it hardly affects you. My Story:

Yesterday, F1 2010.

After a long qualification session on Melborne, consisting of 12 players and close lap times, we finally reached the race stage, I started in a cosy 4th place.
The race itself was amazing, it was the closest race I've ever had on a racing game, clean hard racing.

But there was this one guy, in a redbull that ruined the mood. Earlier on in the race, I span out and allowed other cars to pass before I got back on track, this put me down to 9th. I managed, by a extra two laps, to grab 5th place, as I approached 4th I remained on the guys tails for the majority of the lap.

I saw my chance as I came down the starting straight, I remained on the racing line and took him on the inside, but he decided to slowly swerve back onto the racing line and push me onto the grass, I let it go but he done this another three times in one lap.

As we both started entering the pit lane, I accelerated and rammed him before promptly braking, this allowed me to remain on the line while he sped up, span and hit a wall. I felt great after taking this guy out, he was CONSTANTLY trying to ram the rest of the field.

Needless to say, he left, and I managed a snug 2nd place after a hard battle for the top 3

I know ramming dirty racers or team-killing teamkillers.. (Try saying that once you've had a few) is stooping to their level but surely you must feel a small amount of satisfaction when you get these guys.

Now, anyone else got a story similar to this?



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I remember on cod there was a clan of kids that had tube in their clan and as you can guess only used grenade launchers  so after a few round's we put on flak jacket and noob tubed them back and completly destroyed them :)

These idiots are in all games sadly, they are better avoided, if you revenge on them they report or bad rep you, I find the best way to get at them is to beat them if possible, PGR 3 was a nightmare for drivers ramming as there was no damage at all.

I like Judge Dredd, racing games though not so much.

funny people send friend requests on street fighter 4 and the swearing at me for not being good at it hehe

A friend and I were racing on forza 3 a while back and some kid joined us and started to ram us.

When we set up the next track we turned off all the assists but didn't tell him. When it got to the first corner he locked up and slammed into a wall and could not get going again. He rage quit the game and we laughed for the rest of the race.

I love it when you do this, i had an idiot like that on Halo Reach. I got on the minigun turret and he wanted it, so first he kept hitting me to take out my shield, then he stood right infront of me while I was firing moving to stand in the way of the shots, thinking I'd stop and he'd get on the turret. It didn't work though I just kept firing took is shield down and health almost out only for an enemy to then shoot him so it didn't count as a teamkill.

How can people play F1 now don't get me wrong it might be peoples cups of tea to go around a track 20 times that takes like an hour before actually racing.

Then actually Race which then takes another hour or so depending on trakc/laps


When i played GRID i thought the 24 hour races were bad but F1 takes the ****.

It all depends on the length you set the race distance on.

For instance, it goes as low as one lap to as high as the real life counterpart of usually 64 laps.
I agree that not everyone will enjoy it and I will also admit that this game is slowly dying online but the races can be exciting and highly enjoyable if you have a full lobby of clean good drivers.

If the pack seperates too much, it does become boring, but if the pack sticks together you can get some intense battles for the top three.

And I honestly do not know why there was a 24 hour option in GRiD


oh and FYI Qualifying only limits to 10 minutes online ;)