wELL TALKING ABOUT ISSUES AROUND BANK DETAILS. well I had problems paying for a membership, £39.99p, and after I paid went to windows live  and it did not register with them  on the live site that deals with xbox, but because I always use PAYPAL, They are very good about problems and look after you well so after live saying they wanted payment details and because YOU CAN'T REALLY DO ANYTHING TILL YOU PAY MEMBERSHIP, so I repeated the payment thinking there was an error and it would resolve itself, so I paid again for a gold membership, £39.99p so on my Microsoft account it was registering the two payments from me but on live they were jumping up and down and pestering me everytime I went to the page about payment details, and a page with all the usual stuff they ask about banks, they seemed to be  demanding another bank card, and it's driving me mad because I already paid for two memberships and they are still demanding another bank card , because I can't get my XBOX ON MY DEVICES OR GET MY WIRELESS CONTROLLER TO ENROLL,  (and they won't do anything till they have their greasy palms firmly clasping  your wallet)  and every time I went to enquire up comes this demand to fill out my bank details again, now in the meantime I got a refund , but I'm still getting this bank details demand every time I enquire about what the hell is going on and why can't I play games from my TV  or my controller enrol or even register it, so I'm beginning to think they are being difficult  about sorting out my issues with the controller or it's a computer glitch about something because it seems to be slowly getting there  first sound came now the picture is constantly on.

But I just wish they would be honest , about if they are paying too much attention to  mercenary values and not enough about people and service, but if I'm wrong I apologise , but I'm sick of it all sitting here hour after hour and nothing happening   


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What exactly is it you are trying to do buddy ?

So you have got your refund & now your issue is the controller not linking with the console, yes?  This may help, (copy & paste into browser bar & hit return):


EDIT:  or just click the link lol,