Japan has won the woman's World Cup

Well iv just been watching the woman's World Cup final Japan V's USA, and it got me thinking, Should they add woman's football to football games?  (Fifa & PES)

It is getting a lot bigger these days with more people watching and more girls wanting to play. 

They wouldn't even need to add every single team or every league, just make one league with the better known teams in there.

What do you guys think?





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I always watch it, It gets a lot of stick from sexist idiots. But I enjoy it! ... Not just for Hope Solo, Rachel Unitt or Louisa Necib, either . Japan was my second hopefuls to win, as I'm learning their language & love their culture. (Behind England of course) ... So I'm glad they did.


they would need to add boobs and bad GK's and blind refs

nah no market for it.....although interesting to see that just now only people mentioning this world cup final on Twitter are americans lol

The sport barely gets noticed in the real world, doubt video games would pick it up

@Dibils, Its not hard to add to extra little lumps , They've already got the last two things.

but would it be worth it, its hardly mainstream sporting action, seen highlights and its a slower, duller boring style of football and with such a low presence doubt anyone really recognized the event has been going on...more people probably watched the open highlights.


Football sucks at the best of times why do we need female football in games. No offence to the women of xbox live but why would anyone play a football game with slower players???? I do agree we need more female characters in games ie cod battlefield halo or games with a main character that's kick @@@ and not just because there a *** icon!! Ie tomb raider but no ones going to play a slower game just to play as females

If we can keep this on the subject of women characters in games, then great.  But let's not go off topic regarding the tournament itself.


If i'm being honest no.

Same with female commentators, it just doesn't work, i just can't see it working.

I'm a boy and I can't even play football.  Strange that I enjoy playing the games though.  Including the management ones.  I guess we need more diversity in video games.  The new Lara Croft will be good to get back into the role of a heroine.

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