Its time to raise ......

The minimum connection speed for multiplayer games on live..

I was hoping with all the new servers , and 21'st century matchmaking ... I would not see any 56k dial up players lurching around the screen , as tho they were in a 1950's stop motion film.

Watching some killcams ..I wonder ....

How do they play like this.

Do they realise / care they are spoiling the game for other people ?.




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A few times I've seen people on Titanfall with terrible connections, guess they either don't know about it or just don't care.  Unfortunately, I think it's the latter, more and more people don't care about other people, World of Tanks proves this, heavy tanks playing as snipers at the back of the map, lights acting as heavys.

it's not the speeds that is the issue, i've watching the amount of bandwidth Titanfall uses during a match and it only hits between 100k-250k.

the problem you are seeing is latency and/or packet loss, which is typically because of a poor ISP, like a Wireless provider, or a bad DSL connection, satellite, or a HotSpot.

Or they don't realize how bad they are lurching around the screen.  There are a million reasons for this.  It could even be a temporary thing... but yes i agree everyone should have faster internet.

If you want a really good connection you need to go to Romania or S. Korea. The best connections are there. The US and UK are way behind in that area.


Doesn't help that a lot of people are streaming on Twitch at the same time & thier connections just can't handle both.

Every one needs Google Fiber.

mmmm.... Fiber /drool too bad fiber is not available in my neighborhood.

I know its 1 GB  a sec. I wish my area had it too.

Or they're just making do with the best they have, not everyone has access to high speed internet or has the finance to pay for high speed internet etc

i'd play on a 56k dial up if it was all i had it might be a terrible experience but its better than no experience at all (as someone said in another thread, somethings better than nothing).

I would imagine a lot of the time people don't realise they are causing a problem

Like LTA Soldier said though, some people might not have access to high speed internet, not have the finances to pay for it so why in one way I can understand people not being happy by someone having issues online I don't think it would be fair to tell those with slower speeds to stay offline lol

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