Thanks for all the replies I knew it was something simple just couldnt remember how to do it!   Had to start  a thread as I cant reply to any bloody threads on this pants site!

@Lewgiffard,   dude how can they even release such a pile of utter rubbish,  that fixed camera angle drove me insane and the rest of it was uber uber meh,  i tried to like it i really did, but came to the conclusion that even at £5 for the weeks rental I was well and truly ripped right off.  Glad its not just me though bud! 


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If you think Dungeon Siege III is bad on the 360 then be glad you've not played the PC version. The control set is obviously designed for the consoles and their analogue sticks and very little effort has been made to make a decent keyboard and mouse control set-up.


Yet another sequel that Obsidian have managed to ruin.

(as emoticons have been disabled, this is my replacement thumbs up!)