its been over 2 hours now

uv banned ne for no reason i wont a answer iv done notheing wrong but be good played by the rules no boosting no cheating *** all but got banned till the 21st plese tell me y


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None of us can help you here, you need to post in the support forums:-



They will need to know your gold account gamertag as well.  


I imagine as its only a short ban, that it has something to do with your profile/bio.

Amazing what the kids get up to whilst on school holidays, while serving your ban which ended today did you finish your English project?

An email is sent,explaining why the ban was enforced. Check your spam emails too..

Off topic I apologise question @GeoffTipps and Snowy Dash - How did you get the union flag's for your profile picture?

It's Call of Duty 3 and 2 picture pack.

[quote user="Undeadfire Zero"]

It's Call of Duty 3 and 2 picture pack.


Cool, cheers for the info Mr.Zero