It's legal.. right?

I found the old Borat DVD gamerpicture pack in my Download History.

These gamerpictures are edgy.. i can't be reported for this or anything right?

I mean Xbox did technically release this.


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Why could you be reported if Microsoft made them available for download?

Just wondering. They seem like this uber family friendly console.

Yet, i have a gamerpicture of Borat escaping his heavyset friend in a 69 position.

All Licensed Content is approved by Microsoft and does not follow the Users End Terms of Use or Code of Conduct. Shorty story, if it's on the Marketplace or at least once was, it's fine.

Jesus Christ what are these forums coming too.

I always wondered about that one (not that it offends me or anything).  It seems like it would be borderline inappropriate to have for display and would've been taken down for obvious reasons, but oh well.

[quote user="Mafivee"]It seems like it would be borderline inappropriate to have for display...[/quote]Again, there is a huge difference between Licensed Content and User's End Agreements. They are not one and the same.

Haha, that sounds funny. I don't see why they would be inappropriate though.

Funny pics, lol.

@ Lost - Okay, nice to know.

@ Spec - Really? Mind if I have a go? Should be a right laugh ; )

I used to use that gamerpics years ago. I was actually quite surprised it went through.