It's beginning to feel a lot like... Xboxmas!

Okay so I guess you could call me a mature gamer but my friends wouldn't say I'm anywhere near mature.

I'll soon have my 11 years on Xbox Live having been one of those gamers who bought the original Xbox on launch and also picked up one of those new fangled connections in the UK... they called it broadband and boy was it fast! Who knew you could game online. Just a shame Buffy The Vampire Slayer wasn't a launch title... it was on the BOX!!!!

Then came the 360 and I enjoyed my time on the original so much, I was a launch baby again. It was all so terrifying and new, once again Microsoft had launched their new console with another new piece of kit... a HDTV. So this time around it was an Xbox 360 and a TV, in fact I think most of my clan picked up a HD TV to go with their Xbox and just look at them now... oh Microsoft you trend setters.

Recently though my gaming life had become disillusioned it seemed like the only original games were coming from indie developers and I could get those on PC. The world of gaming had let the land of dirty t-baggers take over with their First Person Shooters. Where were all the adventure titles and RPGs that started out on the original Xbox and Xbox 360? Where had the platformers gone? I had to buy a PS3 to get games like inFamous and Heavy Rain that catered to the storyteller in me... what happened to my lust for gaming?

That's the question I asked myself when I pre-ordered the Xbox One... throughout the months to launch it's been a terrible, should I or shouldn't I? But as the time approaches, the excitement is building. Playing Assassin's Creed 4, the prospect of an updated Tomb Raider, the title of the year for me as it paved the way for some forced but terrific story telling and then there's Titanfall.... 

And I was going somewhere with this but now I'm four paragraphs in I just can't remember what.



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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Xboxmas!

I feel young again!! It's like an early christmas! YAY!

not for us in sweden we have to wait :(

Why do you have to wait?

it got delayed in sweden

Booooo!! Maybe it was that heist... some folks ran off with 60 consoles apparently.