It's About Time...

I finally got Windows 10! It only took over a week to finally show up... *SMH*

I guess it takes a while to give something away free to everyone, doesn't it? least I now have the complete unified experience that MS has to offer.

      ...Oh wait...

            Windows 10 hasn't reached Xbox yet.

                  Or fixed many lingering issues that still remain.

                        Or this site, for that matter.



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Just curious GG but why didn't you just do a usb intall a week ago?


If you didn't do it during setup make sure you shut off peer to peer (WUDO). It's on by default and will kill your upload speeds.

From "Settings," users can click the "Update & security" icon, then the "Advanced options" link under "Windows Update." In the ensuing window, click on "Choose how updates are delivered" to turn off WUDO by moving the slider to Off. To leave it on, but restrict sending locally cached updates and apps only to devices on the same local network, select "PCs on my local network" near the bottom.

I love Windows 10 with Cortana, Holograms and how the OS/UI is "personal" not one size fits all like Windows 8. You can change the background and have the start menu without going to some 3rd party.

I will be getting a new PC when retail stores and manufacturers start selling new PC's with Windows 10 already loaded on it. I have an HP Pavilion dv6 which I got 2011 with Windows 7. Don't say why not upgrade to Windows 10. I could try it instead of waiting weeks for retail stores and manufacturers like HP to start selling Windows 10 PC's. But if I upgrade now instead of being patient, your current PC will still have Windows 8.1 or whatever Windows OS you have as the recovery OS, where as if you buy a new PC with Windows 10 from a manufacturer, it wont have any trace of Windows 8, and that's what I want, no trace of a previous OS like Windows 8. I don't like the Windows 8 UI. Some may say Windows 8 and 10, are identical. They are NOT. They are SIMILAR, but not IDENTICAL.

Yeah, I have windows 7 also, and can't find a download icon for 10 on my computer, when I go to windows page, I can't get it there either.

Monkey, to answer your question, I didn't know how and the prompt said that if you're not knowledgeable with that sort of thing, to not risk it - so I didn't.

Thanks for the advice, Randver - it sounds similar to a Onedrive option having to do with uploads that my brother found to improve network performance during uploads. I'll ask him if it's the same thing or something else entirely. If it's 2 separate things, than that would be doubly awesome for my slow-as-snail network.

To be absolutely fair to W10, I'm just getting started. Aside from a rather sad demonstration my brother showed regarding Cortana last night, I have not yet used it, nor have I used the Xbox app. I'm still in the process of setting it all up and exploring. At a glance though, I'm not all that impressed. Is it better? Sure, it is;  I'm just not as impressed as I thought I would be. Add to that the fact that I have to wait until September or November for it to even begin to show on the XB1, and I'm just left with the feeling that this isn't something that's amazing, which is what everyone's been telling me. To me, it's just another OS that does what it's supposed to do - operate...


OneDrive and WUDO aren't the same. WUDO is a peer to peer file sharing system that allows other people on Win 10 to download Win related files from your computer rather then MS servers in order to spread out the load.

So when your computer is on you are constantly sending data when MS servers needs to spread load. Bunch of people with metered connections are going to be very upset when they get their bills.

Not sure why you didnt just DL it from the website....

I remember reading a thread on this very forum that told me how to get Windows 10 without waiting for my turn in the queue. Thanks to the person who shared it, I didn't had to reinstall the plethora of updates Windows 8 had in its lifecycle before I got the icon due to a factory reset I did to it.

All I did to get windows 10 was click the little window down the bottom right hand corner, it said I missed out on reserving my copy, but could still put my name down, so I did. I restarted the tablet and went back to that window and it was ready to install immediately. I didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes to upgrade, haha.

Here you go JustBoomer,just dowload the media tool 64 or 32 bit,you can do both if you're not sure what your system is,follow the prompts and when it downloads to a usb ( don't choose the ISO option you might need a product key ) open the usb drive,then double click on setup.exe on the bottom file and you're off to the races

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