issues with xbox party chat live and every that has gone down the pan

had to repost what I had read as this was truly starting to bug me towards the PS4 camp! Please fix these issues MS why would you take features away and not simply add to the experience?!?!

Look, I really hope MS reads these issues and will fix in next patch. I came across a post by a fellow gamer who had same complaints as me plus more I didnt think of. So Im going to paste it here, credit goes to Phoenix Bass and Evil 76

1) No private chat.

2) Party chat does not work 90% of the time and its not Nat settings..

3) Sends invites to all party members to join a game with a crude big screen message that blocks your in game vision and you might not even want to play... Some friends do like to chat to others when playing different games !

4) no straight forward invite to game option (party invite is not the same as game invite)

5) it didn't have to totally try to do everything different than 360 it just had to make gaming better and more fun !

The fun is kinda tainted with lack of mates !

Again... I love how the games look and play but the os is bad ... So bad !!

My issues are:

NO RECENT PLAYERS  list on Xbox One. Im really hoping they forgot it and plan on putting it back in the next patch.

Here is the problem. Everyone knows most gamers have strange gamertags, spelled funny and etc

Ok, so I was playing Dead Rising 3 and having a great time. I was playing multiplayer and met this really good gamer. Normally in X360 I could goto recent players real fast click on his/her name and send a friend request, then get back to playing. However the way it is now I would have to write down his/her name then wait until after done playing, and send it that way.

Also, for example this has happened before in x360 I would be playing a multiplayer game, and talking thru game chat. I would then get a party invite from a friend, I would join it and then goto recent players list and invite a new friend I was just playing with to come and talk with my other friends.

The way it is now if Im in a game and I want to go from game chat to party chat with the person I'm playing with its extremely difficult.

Please...please fix this and bring it back fast. Xbox is known for its online gaming and bring people together. The way its setup now is so frustrating and ruins the fun.If its not already planned on being in the next patch I would strongly encourage you to make it happen.


Gamertag: Chaotic Jester

PS: Also bring back voice messages. Its a feature I and many many other gamers used allot!


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Hey Jester!

These are all great suggestions, Microsoft have said they are looking at peoples feedback so the more comments the better. They are working on an update to change/add features in regards to all the feedback. There is no official date when the update will go live but hang in there and it will be here before we know it.

Please note, you will be better off posting this in the feedback forums, thanks!

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