Issues with starting my XBox One

Hi all. SO I've loved my xbox since day day but lately it's been having an issue that's very annoying. When I turn it on in the morning, the only thing that happens is the power button flashes on and off repeatedly for about 5 minutes and then it shuts off. Occassionally it will bring up my home screen on my one but it will be frozen rewuiring me to pull the plug and restart it manually, which usually turns it back on with no issue. However, I would like to not have to unplug my xbox everytime I want to play it. Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone help?


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Are you in the Beta program?

I haven't turned my console off ever. It stays on 24/7. I think that is how MS has designed the console, to go to sleep when not in use. Maybe check your settings?

I've had the same problem every now and then, turning it on from standby results in totally powering down (orange light on power brick) only happens occasionally, around the time a update is out for the Beta so i put it down to that.

Not sure this will help but ...

In your "Settings" .. ( I can't remember exactly where it's under  ) have you got it set that the console shuts down automatically after 1 hour of inactivity? There have been people on the Support forums reporting similar issues and turning this setting "Off" solved it.

As I said, not sure if this will help, it could be as others have mentioned something to do with in the new Beta programme but be worth a try.

Good luck.