Issues with Cross-Cloud Save Imports

So a few weeks ago, I bought the X1 version of Minecraft, and I tried to import my game saves from my 360, but the system said it couldn't find any of them. This is odd to say the least, because I made sure before I traded my X360 that all of my game saves were on the cloud, but hey, that's not that big of a deal.

What IS  a big deal is that now suddenly I'm having trouble importing characters from my Borderlands playthroughs into the Handsome Collection that I purchased yesterday, including a Lv72 Commando and a Lv60 Lawbringer, both I put quite a bit of time and effort into and both of which had a number of legendaries. I KNOW FOR A FACT that said characters were in my Cloud Saved Games, so what gives? These companies keep offering me the ability to resume my previous worlds and characters, but if my Xbox One can't even pull my X360 saves from the cloud, then what use is it really?!

Is there a step or something that I'm missing to get these games to show my cloud saves? I could understand maybe one game having problems with importing saves, but three separate games having issues with the same functionality when I know for fact that the data it's saying isn't there has been there since I started playing the games to begin with is getting frustrating to say the very least.


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