Issues on Burnout DLC

for 3-5 months ive had issues with my dlc for Burnout paridise. i think the matter is that burnout paradise isnt cooperitive with the new xbox slim. i have a halo reach limited edition xbox slim. i downloaded Burnout paradise on demand, and everytime i use to go on burnout paradise i had to remove all my dlc and reinstall, now. i cant use ANY, i go onto Paradise and it says my Dlc is dameged, ive cleared system cache, ive deleted and reinstalled dlc, but i dont know what else to do,


Please Help,

Thanks, :D


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Though I am not very fond of EA as a company my experience with their Customer Service department has been top notch.


Give them a ring and see if they are able to assist you.



my mate just had a similar problem with his battlefield 1943 DL

he had already payed for it on an old console.

but had wiped it of his hard drive to clear some space.

but when we decided to start playing the game again .

he decided to re download

but it was saying it would cost 800 ms points?

so he transferred his license to the new console but still no joy

so he rang xbox support and they sorted it out for him.

i know your problem is a bit different but  a quick call mite help you never know