Issue with Gamer tag Ref#[Mod Removed]

My gamertag was replaced by a random suggested name when I logged in the other morning. I had the gamertag [Mod Removed]for roughly 4 years with no incidents. I received an email saying it was removed as inappropriate by the enforcement team. If the name was offensive to someone I understand. However, I checked to see if my tag was still available and the auto suggestions have names that include "poop" in them. Now after being issued a random suggestion name, I would have to pay $10 to make my own. So, I could potentially pay to change to a suggested name that might be taken from me as well. I think if I could pick a suggested name that could be considered offensive later, then I should be allowed to choose my own for free if it's pulled. I would like to choose one of my own that is unoffensive as well as not excessively long and hard to remember.  I chatted with a xbox rep as well as spoke with a member on the phone. The phone call representative suggested that he was surprised that the name was taken down as offensive and my account has always been in good standing. Again, if there is no intention of reinstating my old gamertag, that's fine. I simply would like to create a new name without paying the fee.

Ref#[Mod Removed]


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Posting reference numbers is not allowed on the forums,they are for chat/phone support only.

You can post in the enforcement forums

but it's extremely unlikely that you will get a free name change.

As a rule you would definitely not get a free name change but if there really are suggested tags with that word in them they may make an exception but don't count on it.