Isn't skype supposed to be free

I tryed useing skype and it said i need xbox gold 


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I think it's free for Xbox GOLD members, just like Xbox Live Party Chat on 360 and certain features including multiplayer are exclusive to Gold members. 12M Gold subscriptions are worth the money and ISN'T too much money for 12M gold pay it once and don't have to worry about renewing Gold for the next 12 months..... sweet.... if you ask me you can tie it to your profile and play on Xbox 360 and Xbox 1. When I installed Skype I think last week it mentioned there's a time limit to the number of minutes you have in video chat or something a month. I definitely think Skype needs to be completely free for Gold members so we can use video chat when we want as long as we have Gold. When I installed it it said my Skype membership would expire something like April 2014? I may have read incorrectly.  


We need some clarification on this from Microsoft though. Will Skype including video calls remain free to use as long as we have Gold? I linked my Skype account with my Xbox account haven't really used Skype before.

You have buy gold membership to use most online features, if you cannot afford it then you should not have a Xbox One.

All the free apps on Live are hidden behind the monthly charge

The good news is, that through Xbox Live you are upgraded to Skype Premium. Just though I'd throw that in there.

Even with gold you only get 100 minutes a month free. Which ain't much.

Yes, it's what I don't like about Microsft the most. You have to have a gold account for the apps to work which is complete BS.

A $40 blu-ray player has many of the apps that the xb1/360 have and no need to pay anything to use them.

This gold required to use apps is just a criminal policy from Microsoft.

When you install Skype you are informed that as an XBox LIVE subscriber you are given a free Skype Premium account.

Ugh everyone wants free stuff. Does no one understand that someone has to maintain the services and apps that are required to make it function? OP I am sorry you do not have gold, but I feel that everything behind the paywall is justified. If everyone could use all of xbox's features without having to pay, then the service would be crap or wouldn't exist as all.

to those of you that are moaning about the free 100 minutes a month, that is so you can call anyone on a landline for upto 100 minutes per month, Skype to Skype and video chat is like normal and free if your a gold subscriber, when you log into Skype on x1 for the first time you get sky premium free for 6 months which gives you 100 minutes per month free as a call plan, after the 6 months you can pay the subscription to Skype and use it as a voip phone to call landlines or you can just revert to free and use Skype to Skype as normal

here are the detailes in full for you all

Tsk tsk tsk. Why do M$ hide so much "free" stuff behind a paywall?

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