Is this Ever possible?

Can your xbl account suspension ever be lifted if you prove that the wrong doing that got your account banned show that it wasnt you?


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You would need to open an unauthorised access claim and xbox live would investigate if you were not in charge of your account at the time.

If it was simply one of your friends that was using your account at the time, then no,because you are responsible for your account at all times.

If you have allowed a friend to access your account, and were banned because of what you have done, then you have zero recourse.  You are fully responsible at all times.

If someone accesses your account without your permission, then, as OwenKiller said,  you should have contacted Xbox support to make an unauthorized access claim.  If you have made a UA claim, then you should read the "Completed a UA (unauthorized access) claim, but still suspended" thread.

I'll transcribe it here:


If you have recently opened an 'unauthorized access' (UA) case with Xbox Support, you may have noticed that your account was 'locked' or 'unlocked'. During the UA case it is standard procedure for the account in question to be 'locked', preventing it from being used on the Xbox LIVE service. Upon concluding the investigation the fraud investigations team will unlock the account, making it once again ready for use.However, this lock has no impact on enforcement actions and unlocking an account does not negate any suspensions that have been issued.

If the suspension or other enforcement action was issued for actions that were committed by an attacker during an unauthorized access event the Policy & Enforcement Team will absolutely take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Please be aware though that a favorable resolution to an unauthorized access claim and the 'unlocking' of an account does not necessarily mean the enforcement action was invalid or will be lifted.