Is there place on a console for a turn based game?

Just like the title, is there room on a console to have a turn based game like Planets or Medievil Diplomacy?

I am sure some indie developer could bring something to the table, but is there a market?


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Southpark stick is turn based, its not xbox exclusive though!

I mean much more turn based:

XCOM and Civ Rev might be up your ally.

Rts, plenty. Tbs... not too many. Civilization and Xcom are great shouts.

They are not quite what I ment, while I am a massive xcomm fan, I haven't play Civilization for a long time.

But thats not what I ment because they are not firstly they are not multiplayer.

The games I am talking about are play by email (sorry should have said at the start), however you could build a UI for multi platform, and then build a server which processed the information, and fully automate the process, taking away the email for processing.

So it would be a weekly turn done, with a number of other people doing the same.

Never even heard of that sort of game mate.

basically, its a little like the board game risk, but you have about 12 people in a game, you have to communicate with people to work together, or plot to kill others, then you give yours orders to your troops in the UI, and send them in, all the orders are processed and after you get an update of the new situation, so land you have won and lost and troops you have killed or build etc.

Its fun, but a little slower than xcom.

Planets is a lot more complicated though.

There are games like Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan on Xbox 360 which are truly turn based and can be played local or online multiplayer - I'm hoping some of those same style games come to X1, as well as somewhat more complicated games like you're talking about.

They were giving away civilisation revolution for the 360 on games for gold earlier this month. I admit that I would not have paid for the game but after playing it for hours I would defiantly buy an Xbox one version. It is a great game.

I wouldn't say no to turn based games. This is a little off sync but Final Fantasy 7 was battle turn based and I stand by that as the best method of fighting in an RPG.

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