Is there anyway I get Netflix on my UK console ?

Thanks guys, I would really appreciate if somebody can help me .


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Yes. If you:

A) Have a US gamertag and a Netflix account - which would mean US Billing details.

B) have a US IP address.

In fact, the easiest way to sum that up is to simply live in the US. Doesn't matter if your console is UK or US

You need to make a us email address then make a account with that email and that account will then be a us account dunno if netflix will work as it may go by IP address but you can get us only dlc (there is a free us arcade game called Aegis Wing)  and us only insider moves ect

look up on Google

A) Gravedig much?

B) netflix won't work since it does block by IP, and using a different regions xbox live account to circumvent availability is against the xbox live terms of use.

C) since that last post, Netflix has announced it will be out in the UK next year. No details about xbox live support yet, but seems reasonable to assume they will continue their partnership with xbox.

It's been in the news that netflix will be coming to the UK next year.  This link gives more details:

Not only that, but LoveFilm do a lot of streaming content, and that is due in the november update.

Looks like it may be worth sticking with Lovefilm.

Even if you had an American Account on your Console, as Cosmic has stated, due to licensing laws your UK IP Address would be blocked from seeing the content, you could put points on your US Account and it will detect the region you are in and you will get the message that you are not allowed to view this content in your region. Netflix is coming to the UK in early 2012....just be patient