Is there any way to improve my Dazzle quality?

I've been trying to improve my Dazzle quality for days now and it's driving my crazy. I'm trying to balance out decent quality with smaller file size. Most recent Dazzle quality test... I use S-Video, record with Pinnacle Studio 12 (16:9, MPEG2, 9,000 kbits/sec), and edit/render with Sony Vegas 9. I basically import my video to Sony Vegas 9, I match my videos media settings, etc. to Sony Vegas' project settings. I very carefully crop out the black bars, and render it in MPEG4 (854x480, 6,000,000 bit rate, render quality Best). File sizes are small and render fairly quickly, and when the video is still, it looks decent. However when I move and run around, it gets very blurry and the text isn't always readable. Is there anything I can do? People said to render/stretch it to 720p, but wouldn't stretching make it worse?

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Bump, hoping for some help. :(