is there any way t tell which cars you have driven on just cause 2

caue ive diven 96 of them and dunno which ones are the last few i need


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Yes there is, I'm sorry I'm at work at the moment so can't remember the exact position. But when your in the map screen, I think you press one of the trigger buttons and a mini menu will pop up from the side. Vehicles will be in there and a huge list will appear. Anything with a tick next to means you have driven it.

aww your a star bud cheers for that

No problem any other questions feel free to PM

will do, also are the cars random or are they in centre areas

They are in certain areas I believe, I did have a website where it listed the co-ordinates of every car, but it seems to have gone down If I find another one I will let you know.


Here are locations off all the vechicles....


i heard there was a glitch with the vanderbilt lesureliner, about it not spawning, is this true, or has it been fixed?