Is there a way to have my 360 composite cables and my hdmi cable in at the same time without my console restarting when i turn my tv off

I have a hdmi cable so i can get 1080p when im playing but if i want to talk to my friends or listen to the game over my headset i have to have my headset plugged into the composite cables but when the composite cables and the hdmi cable are plugged into the xbox, when you turn your tv off and back on your xbox will restart, is there a way to fix this 


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You need to get the audio adapter that plugs into the AV port, but only has RCA red and white audio and optical out. MS stopped making it, but you can find other companies that still make it.

Also does your Xbox restart when you don't have the composite cable connected?

Yes but I don't have that setup. I found a better way.

You may need to buy some hardware but it makes listening and playing much better.

I run all my sound through my intgrated amplifyer back through the TV or output to speaker.

This splits the sound from the TV.

You can also use a media amp as long as you have the ability to input and output the signal directly.

This means that you use 2 extra output pins for left an right but they are dual connection.

Output from Xbox Left / Right Channel game sound to Input A Speaker. Sound out put from game is through Amp not TV. Output Sound Mic/Headset through TV input only - Mic/Headset for playing will only play through the headset because it is directly connected to your Xbox. You will not hear the game sound through your headset or the TV.  You cannot do this any other way without loss. I use a sorround 5.1 system integrated amp for recording and that way you can double up the signal processor. This is basic electronics and anyone with some ability to tinker with cables will figure out why it works.

Microsoft are not going to tell you how to make your sound experience much more enjoyable because they are too busy dealing will mainstream needs. What you are asking to do, is not mainstream and it does require some thought on how you build your entertainment system.

Something I didn't even think of is you should check your TV to see if it has RCA red and white audio out. Then depending on your headset you just need to connect your headset to that output. Bonus is if you do have this setup you can most likely find a setting to turn off your TV speakers and use the TV remote.