Is there a Official way to turn off the Parent Settings?

Ever sense the creation of my Xbox Account, for my birthday I used the exact one I am, not 18 Years old, on accident, now when I try to buy Game Demos and stuff like that in M rating, they say I can't even tho in the Parent Settings I pressed all the settings off and still won't let me have it! And then I tried the web site to download the demo, they told me I have to go on my Xbox and change the settings and get it off there, then when I did that still didn't work.

I'm very mad at the quality of Lives accounts, and why I can't I just change my birthday so I can get games that are exactly like the one's I play...


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No but sorry. The only way is to Promote the Child Account into an Adult Account when it turns 18. Just curious but how did you enter it by "accident"?

Unless you mean you "accidental" used your real Birthday. If that's the case, good for you. You were thinking honestly in the back of your head. Don't worry it's not that big of a deal. You're going to have decades more of Gaming then I will. I'm over 40 and have seen Video Games change so much in the last 30+ years. If I could trade places with you, I would in a heart beat. I in fact envy you in a way.

Good luck either way. And before someone comes along and says make another Account with a fictitious Birthday. Reconsider it. You won't have access to anything you did on this Profile and if it ever gets into trouble (by a User Fault or otherwise) you won't be able to fix that. Not to mention, you can get Perma-Banned for creating false Information.

I did not know they were going to stop me from buying M rated games, i am also quite truthful...

Just have your parents create a profile for 18+ content if yours is bugged. But isn't there at least one master account on there with everything unlocked? If parental controls are turned on, its for a reason, they don't want you watching excessive violence. So get their permission or move along /shrug