Is the Xbox one Dying?

I bought an Xbox one...I love it honestly and never wanted any of the competition consoles. However I wen't to pre-order Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 wgich is my favorite series currently and they were taking pre-orders for Ps4 and PC but NOT Xbox one. The Xbox one tab says "xbox one pre-orders coming in the future". This concerned me and THEN when I thought it could not get any worse they cancelled the retail copy of shovel knight for Xbox one.

So my question the console dead and should I give up on it? Will PvZ Garden Warfare 2 release on Xbox one? Basically what is happening? I am freaking out.


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Of course the new Plants vs Zombies will be on the xbox one and Microsoft just today announced a new bundle so no need to panic.

Yes, if PvZ GW2 is not available IMMMEDIATELY, then I recommend throwing your console off a bridge...then go ahead and follow it down ;) Your console may be dead, but mine is quite alive.

Thinking the entire console is on its deathbed due to 1 game is a bit of a stretch...

Personally my console was never alive, did you get some kind of special edition, tee-hee.

Seriously though, don't stress about pre-orders, sometimes they make it to the other platforms faster and vice versa. A game like PvZ will definitely be available on Xbox One when it releases.

Yes, quickly take it back for a refund!!! I think the XB1 is just a late bloomer, remember the 360 only outsold the PS3 in N.A and it had a massive life.

Regardless it will be available to play via EA access before PS4 or PC

^ Good old EA Access.

In recent years I've never had many good things to say about EA but this scheme is brilliant and more than worth the £20 a year.

Loads of games you can get for free if you subscribe, get new games slightly cheaper, get to play the likes of the new Star Wars Battlefront a little early.

I think the Xbox One is more prone to push digital pre-orders especially with EA access going strong. I wouldn't worry about it. I love PvZ. Can't wait for the new one.

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My X1 is alive. I caught it doing jumping jacks the other day. Trying to lose some of its bulk. I told it that won't work... but y'know... consoles will be consoles. I think it gets self-conscious around smaller devices. Maybe my smart phone is fat shaming it. Smart phones are notoriously haughty methinks.

wow OP, a bit dramatic ? ....

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