Is the Original xbox System link online glitch patched? (From 2012)

Well for those that didnt know back in mid 2012 a glitch with the original xbox consoles allowed them to go online if they system link a game with an xbox 360 for a brief amount of time... it was called the "Original Xbox SLOE" (System-Link-Online-Exploit)

I have never done the above mentioned glitch and have only just heard of it now from a friend who told me about it.


My question(s) is this: Is that glitch patched and if Not, does it violate the Xbox COC. PLEASE NOTE: im asking this for informational purposes ONLY.



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Well considering that this is the first time I have ever of this supposed glitch and I cannot find any reference to it at all anywhere I will have to say it is fantasy And since the system link function does not connect a console to internet to begin with that further seems to kill the idea. And on top of this the original xbox servers were shut down some years ago anyway that completely kills it.

Are you referring to system link tunneling? If so you can still do that as it doesn't have anything to do with connecting to Xbox live. I wont go into terminology on how it works because I suck at it but it is legal and can be done via third party pc apps "Xlink Kai" "xbconnect".

No im not talking about system link tunneling... and it isnt "fantasy", Not many people/cared about the glitch/exploit becuase it served very little purpose.

my friend explained it to me this way so ill try my best to tell it how i was told: The Xbox 360 has system link capabilities with the OG xbox consoles as were are all aware of, how what most don't realize is that when you get "disconnected" from live on the 360 becuase you started an original xbox game your really not fully disconnected, more like just idle untill you dashboard. this is where the glitch is made possible, becuase when you system link a game (for example: halo 2) between an actively online 360 and an original xbox, the OG Xbox would be able to connect to Live for a short period of time. the glitch however as i was told is very limited: cant go to the og xbox dashboard, cant do matchmaking (obviously), cant buy/download/redownload store items, disconnected after the sync with the Live refreshes. anyone who did or was lucky to do it (guessing it patched) did just to show it on their status to thier friends. and im going to also guess that the glitch even if not patched definetly violates the Xbox Live COC/TOS.

Well just so say I did and I tried since I have access to all three consoles.  And guess what it did not work.  A system link is just that: a system link links two systems.  Has nothing to do with Live.  Tell your friend to prove it.  And even if it could work the original servers are down so the whole thing is moot.