Is the horror genre dying and not coming back ?

Jump scare !

Ok I'm sitting here watching the very cheesy but still good film stay alive which for those who havent seen it is about a video game where the death in the game is how they die in reality and watching the game I'm still thinking damn I want to play a game like that.

I really have the urge to play a decent horror game, not one all about how much blood they can throw at the screen or one about giving you so many guns theres no tension as you can blast everything out of the way.

So I looked up on what horror games were on 360 and I'm sitting here wondering what the hell, last generation I remember playing call of cthulhu and being freaked out just in the opening section, and hearing how there were other amazing horror titles I even remember the suspence of playing "the Thing"

This generation seems devoid other than zombie shooters (and yes I'm talking about Dead space too as they are almost zombies too).

out of the list theres very few on there but only Deadly prmonition really seemed to peak my intrest. The others like Condemed (which I've heard is suspenseful) just don't feel like theres any appeal.

I know Decay on the indie marketplace is meant to be good but again not quite what I meant so much.

I also know about Rise of nightmares coming out soon.

But are there really any really good horror games out there that aren't just heres lots of ammo now fight the zombies, or on the flip side, giving you nothing and getting you to try and survive.

So any one have any suggestions for good horror games that have atleast some decent scare factor ?

With all the new technology including games like Stuntman and Brink channelling audio to the headset how come horror games really haven't kept going and managed to bring the new technology into them and kept going as strong as they were before ?

As evidence of how much the genre has died it doesn't even have a genre listing on the 360 genre search for the marketplace.


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Haven't really looked into Rise of Nightmares as I don't have the room to play Kinect games fully. But I just knew it was one 'horror' game coming out soon.

Sorry, meaningful post this time.

"Actually dig deeper and it does sound like a weird story, true the action is a bit trashy but the whole kidnapped locked up and escaping thig isn't bad"

In reference to 'Rise of Nightmares' there is nothing remotely new or original about the idea of getting locked up and tortured OP. It's a telling sign of modern horror when 'torture porn' is now considered its own genre in itself.

Well you should check out the sequel. Share it with your friends, your family etc

^Your sig is an example of doing it right.

Amnesia the something or another. Check that one out. I played it for about 5 minutes on an Onlive demo and it seemed kind of cool.

I'm with Farscape with this actually. It just seems to be shooter after shooter nowadays.

yes horror games are in short supply, but so are true space games, simular to startrek, but also spacecraft battles, there is a whole universe to write about, but all we seem to get is FPS games and car games.

Bit late here but I've seen 'Stay Alive' it was a surprisingly good film =)


Not sure if it's been mentioned, but they got that Rise of nightmares coming out for Kinect soon haven't they? Views on that?

I'm actually trying to think of horror games released this generation. The only one that even came remotely close to attempting to be psychological horror was Condemned. Jericho wasn't bad but it was more shooter than anything else.

Amnesia: Dark Decent is a damned fine horror title. I have only played it a few times at friends but it is something I would like to see coming to Xbox.

I don't think the genre has died, it has just shifted focus from survival to action. All about the guns now, which is a shame because melee weapons are always better in a horror.

With so many re-used cliches, it is hard to have a horror title where you don't feel you knew what was coming.

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