is smart glass already done?

i know there isn't many games coming out for the xbox one. they'll definitely start to pick up this year. i was rather excited about smart glass on the xbox one. and I've only used it several times playing madden. it just seems like devs aren't even really bothering about making any support for it. it would of been awesome to see respawn make something happen with. but i guess not. plus another thing that i think thats holding it back is the lack of a mount for the controller. i was interested in getting the nyko smart clip until i found out that the headset adapter wouldn't fit and vice versa. do you guys think the smart glass is already phased out?


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Smart Glass, like the Xbox One, is just getting warmed up.

Smart glass does it all, including keeping me kinected to my xbox while I am away from it.


I was hoping for some Fifa features too, like been able to change formations, make subs, receive emails when on career, use it to search players for transfer. Simple stuff really. Overall its good though. And like others have said, its just getting started.

I'm replying to this thtead with smart glass. I use it all the time when using IE it's way better than using a controller for typing.

lol I meant to type thread not thtead, user error.

If sg worked better I would be more inclined to use it, it often won't show acheivements or my recently played games. It also won't tell you wha your friends are doing if they are on 'if that part even works half the time' they need to spend time to fine tune the app, then worry about implementing it more

I use the 360 SG app more than the XO version, because whoever put the friends list together on the XO version was insane.

You have to scroll through the list to see who's online, and you have to wait on that person to see if they are online, you can't see followers at all, to send them messages etc.

You can't reply to invites, you don't get the notifications.

There maybe a lot to come, but at the moment its a little dissapointing.

The one thing I do like is I can use the mic on the phone to type in messages.

Far from it dude... DR3 and Plants vs Zombies both have really cool SG features. DR3 you can receive missions and other things and in PvZ you can play as "Crazy Dan" correct me if I am wrong with the name... but SG is on the rise.

Just about every app or so has a companion app to go with it... even the movies you can rent from MS movies sometimes have a companion app that allows you to follow the movie a little bit better