Is skyrim going to be as big as oblivion landscape wise?

looked on a map and couldnt quite tell, any avid tamirel followers here who the answer to my question, also, does anyone know how many towns there will be and how many guilds will their be and which ones, and will there be an arena? as that was one of my favourite bits of oblvion, it eased me into the game.


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It's going to be the same size but more dense. So less of the dull copypastad environments and more actual unique locations.

There's less major settlements, but they're meant to be more detailed and unique.

There's four major guilds, Thieves, Fighters, Mages and Assassins.

There isn't an Arena.

no arena you say??? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i hope for a dlc patch where a hidden underground cult have an arena but its in the middle of a mountain and the only way to get there is climb right to the top. that , would be cool.! thanks for the info guys, i was hoping for quite a few major settlements but oh well. still going to be insane.

Todd Howard has said although the actual area is pretty much the same size, the vast mountainous areas make it feel much bigger, because obviously you can't travel straight through mountains, you have to ascend up and around them.

Arena blows anyhoo.




Same size map, more things to do and more places to visit.

Like many people have said, same size map but with more dungeons etc etc.

I've been waiting for this all year, never played oblivion, then gave it a quick go...the concept interested me but the 90's graphics just did my head in. I'm hoping to lose myself in this for atleast a year :P