Is Resi 4 out on games on demand tommorow?

Does anybody know how much it will cost?


Thanks in advance.


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i believe someone said it was going to be 1600mpbs

Im hoping this comes out on disk in the near future

If the Japanese version disc version turns out to be region free then I'll be importing it.

[quote user="Alchemist Don"]

Im hoping this comes out on disk in the near future


No Plans to have it on Disc outside of Japan!

The date say's the 20th so it should be tomorrow as that is the day GOD get updated!


I will get it of PSN for now as it is 50% of for PS+

They do this all the time, just look at serious sam and monkey island for example

I'm confused about the Japanese disc. I was on a website and it was in the Region Free section, then I e-mailed the company and they said it's not Region Free.

So I'm staying away from it and just downloading unfortunately.

Between the 2 Resi games to download is around 6GB.

1600 points each.

Resi 4 out tomorrow. Can't get it though :( dont have the money for the points

It's a lot of points and I don't usually download games, really looking forward to this though, I played it to completion on the Wii but can't wait to get stuck in all overagain with a proper control pad. Just a shame its released same day as Gears 3, not enough time to play both properly