Is Project CARS Digital Edition Worth $20.00 ?

Browsing the Black Friday deals for digital games I actually don't have. Does anyone have Project Cars? Is this a BUY or a PASS? Opinions?


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I have this game.

It's a racing SIM that didn't perform the way everyone expected.

To some it was ridiculously hard and this was a fault.

To others it was a great driving SIM and that's why it wasn't easy.

This was complicated by the developer actually chiming in to say... "Hey, you know what, there's a fault affecting some people" so you didn't really know who to believe.

If you own every other game in the XBox ONE catalogue then £20.00 isn't too much for a game that does have a wide variety of different car challenges to throw your way.

Otherwise I'd say check something else out and this will probably drop further in price to be picked up at a later date.

I clicked your link.  

I have project cars on my ps4 and I am having a blast with it because of the amount of tracks in the game which is why I have not dared to trade in my copy. What is lacking is the cars, but I think Slightly Mad Studios focused on putting in the cars that were geared for racing which includes some old school race cars. There are some high end regular cars in the game as well.

The career part of the game is pretty fun as well since there are various race classes that you can race in including pro go kart racing. So at $20, I think that is a good deal, but that is me. Some might thought it wasn't good, but the game will be still getting support going into next year.

Hmmm... I may actually get it. For some reason I thought when this came out that it was broken... or maybe I imagined that. lol

Anyways, $20.00 seems ok if I can get a few races out of it. Thanks for the advice everyone.

I thought it was okay at best.
The career mode was really boring in fact I had to do like 20 races as the little go karts before it even let me use a car lol.

Its fun if you just do some custom single races, there's a lot of cars and tracks to choose from. But the handling is all kinds of weird I don't know, I'd much rather play a Forza game than this but $20 is fairly cheap.

I have it too it's way too hard for me so wouldn't buy it again if I didn't have it if it was $2

The handling of the cars when it first came out was absolutely shocking!! Made the game completely unplayable they added a patch which certainly improved things but in my opinion still not 100% and if you dare to go off track by so much as half a millimetre (and you will) then your lap time is invalid which is mega frustrating !!

Game looks really good and there is settings you can tinker with to improve the handling and it might well have had another patch since I last played it and I also got told its actually one game where its easier to use a wheel rather than the controller.

Now I want to go and try it again and this time I'll use my sons steering wheel!!