Is netflix broken?

maybe its just me
but nothing plays on netfix for me. i hit play on a movie or show, and it shows the first frame but never starts playing
tried multiple shows and movies, i figure if i somehow didn't pay the bill  i wouldnt be able to see anything in the app so i don't think thats it.

anyone else getting this issue?


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Netflix is working on the PC side.  I've noticed that the Xbox Live version requires a stronger signal.  My PC and Xbox both communicate to the same router for online service.  Howerver where I can watch PC netflix with no issues, On the Xbox, I'm constantly being dropped.    My box does have the "N" wireless adapter just like my PC yet I can't watch  it on the box becuase of the bad latency issue. :)  Cheers!

its not latency, i watch netflix every night every single show refuses to play. can't even get the fast forward screen or anything.

I'm not having any problems. Delete the app, clear your cache to delete the update, and download the app again to see if that helps.

I had this problem, shows would buffer to 7% then be a stillframe.

I tried clearing the cache, didn't work.

I tried deleting and reinstalling Netflix, didn't work.

I update my Netflix payment info to use the proper card number, it worked.

tl;dr - Pay the bill.

netflix is working 100% for me, with no issues.

This thread is almost a month old, and at this time the Netflix App is up and running. Cutting the clutter with a lock.