Is my Xbox Installing or downloading updates?

I put my Titanfall disk in the drive around 10mins ago and it said Titanfall needed an update (810mb). What I can't work out is if it's downloading an update or installing the game I am at 10% now. For a 16GB game it sure does take a while to install, I remember having similar problems at launch with Forza 5 and Battlefield 4.

So the question I am really asking is can you tell if the Xbox One is installing or downloading updates? Because all my Xbox says is "Installing" on the disk tile and "Installing" in my games and apps.


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Turn the console off completely, disconnect the network, then turn it back on and install the game from the disc. This will speed that up. When that's done, turn it off again, reconnect your network and install the update/patch.

This should smooth everything out for you, just make sure that you fully turn off the console when you disconnect and reconnect the network cable to get the true results.

What's happening is your xbox one is trying to download the update and install the disc at the same time.  If you have a slow internet connection this may be the cause.  What i did to fix the issue was disconnect from xbox live, put the disc in and let it install. Once complete connect to Live and download the update.