is my xbox 360 dying?

for the last 6 months now, my 360 has been having trouble some of the new games I've got (which eventually work after ejecting the disc half a dozen times and cleaning the disc/disc tray. games that have had that problem: deadpool, gta v, sometimes wwe 2k14 and the latest one, lego marvel super heroes), games freezing meaning I have to reset the console (happened twice on lego marvel and twice while playing gta online), and lately it's been getting stuck on the xbox 360 logo (when you turn the console on) for about 1 or 2 minutes before finally going to the menu where you select your profile. is this a sign that my xbox doesn't have long left?


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oh yeah, forgot to add, my disc tray is also having a problem sometimes where when i try opening the disc tray, the power button flashes as normal but the disc tray doesn't open. it opens after the 2nd time trying.

install your games and on my old 360 i lay mine down flat and alot of the time the disc doesnt eject so i just give it a pat on the top the same time as i press eject and always works, been doing that for about a year now, still going strong and make sure you install your games