is my H20 BOLT 4G wireless Internet compatible with my xbox 360?

I have an xbox 360 console & I just purchased a Wireless N Networking Adapter and im trying to connect my H20 BOLT 4G wireless Internet with no success. Please help im so frustrated.  Its detecting the "ClearSPOT" but it's not connecting to the network.  Its also asking for a WPA2 pass phrase.  If thats the "wireless password" I have it.


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No-the 360 is a closed platform unlike a PC.A wireless adapter requires you to install a program onto the device you want internet on. A 360 will not let you do this.I feel your pain.I used a Netgear adapter for my internet for a long time.I finally had to get a regular dsl connection.Maybe you can get a refund for the device .Can you not get internet from a local ISP? It should be in the same price range .A 10 -12 mb connection should be 30-40 bucks a month.

I'm not really familiar with the H2O Bolt device, but I believe it uses a USB adapter that you can plug into a PC. If that's the case and you have a PC in your home, you can use Internet Connection Sharing to share the network connection on the PC with your XBox 360. Microsoft has provided a guide here.

Now it looks like H2O provides a wireless hotspot called the 'Spider'. If you have an XBox 360 w/ official wireless adapter, XBox 360 S, or XBox 360 E, then you should be able to connect to the wireless hotspot directly. 

Try this if your wireless adapter connects into the USB port of your computer.

That support link will guide you through how to setup a 'bridge connection' from your wireless adapter to your xbox 360 using an ethernet cable hooked into your laptop/desktop and your xbox 360s ethernet cable port.

The bridge method works flawlessly, I use it to access Live on my console since my neighbors wireless connection doesn't exactly work on my elite.

Later! :)