Is Microsoft encountering issues they don't want to admit with networking?

I was talking to support agent yesterday and they admitted it could be due to Microsoft servers being overloaded. I've had ports opened, I run network tests on any of my devices (tablet, phone, laptop) and they all get 20-25 ms ping, 100mbps download and 6.12 upload. Where as running a test on 2 different consoles both wired and wireless I fail to get below 159ms ping, 24mbps download and 5.92 upload. Support was useless to an extent. Virgin media blame Microsoft, Microsoft blame virgin media, it's endless and no one knows why it does this? I've tried every step and nothing is working. Can someone think of why it does this.

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Apparently if you run a speed test on the Xbox you will get ridiculous results which you are getting if you can play online ok I wouldn't worry about it

On your other devices you are speedtesting to the nearest server. Xbox one is testin to the main xbox server in seattle. For a comparison on you phone or what ever do a test but pic a server in seattle

Firstly, it's Xbox 360.. And secondly, it is majorly affecting my gameplay, I lag out constantly. Also I have been told by microsoft multiple times that they have dedicated UK servers for Xbox live and that they are up and running fine.? And apparently I am automatically connected to UK servers regardless so still? Explain a way around it, I have literally tried everything now

Doesnt mater if its xbox 360 or xbox one it is still testing to seattle or via seattle first

Why? That's the answer no one knows, I live in the UK I don't want to test to Seattle I want to test to UK and Microsoft assured me I was?

you connect to uk servers for gaming etc etc, but the test server is located in the US, simple as that I'm afraid, how full is your hdd on the 360 as running that near full can slow gaming online, also is it affecting all games or certain ones, if it is cod and things like that then they run peer to peer and I know some isp's throttle thos types of connections.