Is it worth getting an xbox1?

Hey everyone. Like the title says really. Been thinking about getting the x1. I already have a ps4, but wouldnt mind having both consoles

Just looking for you guys to give me a basic review for your point of view about the x1. Im mostly interesting in the online gaming side of things. Thanks in advance


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if you are interested in online gaming, then yes it is worth, especially if you like FPS, with titanfall and halo, and Gears of war down the line.

I'd say however wait till 20th of March and see what is all the DX12 fuss about

Games speak for themselves. Tons on fun on Xbox one.

Dead rising 3.

Forza 5.

Quantum break.

Project spark.


Sunset overdrive.



Gears of war.

What more do you want!!

It's always worth having both consoles imo. Xbox has loads of great games to play but if you're happy with what you've got, hold on for a price drop.

Even though it's got a lot of FPS games on it or that are coming out, it still has its bases pretty much covered for virtually every other genre, so if you're looking for something specific - you'll find it.

Thanks for replies. I had both the 360 and ps3 last time around. Ended up mostly on the ps3, more because all my friends play on that. But I always liked xbox for online play. Was a cod player back then and I always thought it played better on the 360.

Ive been reading this forum for a few days to try and help me make up my mind. Read some negative stuff but its the same on the ps4 forum.

^ Honestly, Only if you're interested in the exclusives, that can be said for both consoles.

I already have a PS4 and personally went with a Wii U over the X1. Obviously it's cheaper and has a ton of exclusives that you won't find on the other consoles. The X1 just doesn't have any exclusives that interest me so far and practically every multi-platform game is better on the PS4, so I just don't see any reason to buy an X1 yet. Maybe that will change in the future, but so far I have more than enough to keep me busy between the PS4, Wii U, and still a ton of last gen games.

The Xbox One is a fantastic console, and yes, I think if you buy one you'll be quite happy. And if you have the best of both worlds, well you are just the big winner.


Depends if you like the xbox one exclusives or not. I thinks its worth having both systems though.

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