Is it possible to do voice chat with a friend playing xbox while your on a computer?


I was wondering if it is possible to do voice chat with a friend that's playing xbox while your on the computer? Is this possible to do without having your friend quit what they're playing to chat with you? Since microsoft bought skype I thought they would have some way to talk to a friend that's playing xbox while your using skype on the computer to talk to them.


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I've tried doing that with my friend but we wound up just using skype on two different computers while one of us played Xbox. Maybe they will add something like that in though in the future. that would be cool.

You can sort of do it but I don't think you will be able to do anything other than play a game on the PC. Simply install a Games For Windows Live game on your PC. Age Of Empires Online and Tinker are free. Log into it with your xbox live account. You can then see what friends are online and what they are doing. Also send message and of course you can talk to them via privet chat (not party chat).

Am unsure if you can then simply minimize the PC game and carry on with what ever you are doing on your PC.

private chat does work, done it with a friend before. party does not to my knowledge.