is it possible to be hacked?

my friend and i decided to play mw2 last night and realised my clan tag was changed.   this scares me because i dont know how that would happen unless i was somehow hacked.    im not a modder/glitcher/cheater.      any insight would be appreciated


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actually what might have happened was in one game you had a clan different then a different game. You can have different clan tags per game. You can not be hacked unless you gave any of your information out about xbox live. Even in party chat watch out because alot of people are listening!

Xbox LIVE accounts cannot be hacked using some "hacking tools" as some people may claim. Keep your personal info save and be careful while playing MW2 and World at War.

They can hack your windows ID, recover your gamer tag to their console and then use your credit card attached to your gamer tag.  It happened to me. They drained all the money they could as fast as they couldon Microsoft Points. . Microsoft locked me out of gamer tag for 25 days and THEN refunded my money.  They sent me an apology email and and a code for free 30 days of Microsoft XBOX live that did not even work. The best part was when they cut my service off again because my card was cancelled when they tried to bill it.. The same card that they let get compromised and I told them on  two separate occasions I had canceled it.. I  then had to pay $10 more dollars if I ever wanted to play any of my old saved games again for the my cancelled card charges.  LOL FML.........

Just to give some insight, it is possible to have an account hacked. Happens quite often actually. And you don't even have to give out any personal information at all. I, for one, have never given any account info to anyone in real life or even on websites / computers / written down on a piece of paper...and yet my friends and I got hacked and locked out of our accounts for 24 hours. When able to log back in the next day, we found the same taunting message from the hacker that temp. banned us. After exiting the message our systems froze, had to re-boot, and the message was gone. I may not be able to speak for them, but I know nobody has my info. other than anyone working at XBL. So either the previously posted responses claiming it's impossible are mistaken, or we're all having our accounts screwed with by XBL employees. And seeing is that I'm sure an employee of this company would never do that, I have to go with hackers on this one.

For a more in depth discussion of hackers on XBL, be sure to visit my thread 'Xbox Live Hackers' (located in general discussion, same as this thread).

Anyone who says or thinks Live cannot be hacked is wrong. ANY information that has gone out over the internet is open for hacking. It's simply a matter of someone coming along with the will & capability.

mate be glad you xbox live user was playing my bros ps3 , mw2 full of hackers on psn network one time thos hacker hacked me ps3 because i did not add him as a friend sad ba*t*ard and writ all kind of funny stuff and amended mw2 gameplay.

after that havent been really been ps3 and feel xbox live more secure

you got to see this this video on youtube, xbox live hacker

Yes it is possible to be hacked. I know the difference between hacked and phished. Also, that video is really funny.