Is it possible Naughty Dog can make games on xbox one also

I've been a xbox guy for more then 10 years. My favorite games are halo 3, all of the gears of wars (except Judgement), NBA2K, Mass Effect, Minecraft, even Black ops 1, (Multiplayer AND zombies) and bo2 (zombies only) , but after playing the last of us, i am shocked. I never played a game with such a powerful story line, i beat it like 7 times, it is crazy and amzing, But can Naughty Dog ever come to xbox? Naughty Dog is the best right now, when it comes to story line games. 


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Naughty Dog is a Sony owned first-party studio. They are definitely one of the best studios today in my opinion with games like Uncharted and their recent release, The Last of Us (which has over 200+ GOTY and counting). They are a unique studio who prides themselves in making great games, with amazing graphics. TLOU is probably one of the best looking, if not THE best looking game of last generation.

MS has said they are definitely pushing for more new IPs and new first-party studios this generation so I hope they keep their word. Acquiring/opening new studios would be a start because compared to Sony, Microsoft's first-party studio line-up is a little thin. I believe Remedy Entertainment might be Microsoft's Naughty Dog. Alan Wake was an underrated game and one of my personal favorites last generation and their new title, Quantum Break, should not disappoint. I doubt Remedy would ever want to be acquired but in the event that they do, Microsoft would have bagged a great studio. 

Quantum Break seems like a sci-fi Max least from what I've seen of it.

Then again...I haven't seen too much.  It looks interesting though.


Piff they not even that great, uncharted and last of us are so overrated

Much rather have Remedy and Alan Wake 2 ,Quantum Break

I think every Bioshock, especially Infinite was easily better than The Last of Us (which I thought was over-rated).

I'd like to see Uncharted though.

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Lol....theres always gotta be that odd man out.

Sorry. One of the very best developers will not be on xbox. Ever.

They will never come. They are fantastic developers though who really take time time and care when making their games.

They make great games, and the Uncharted series is a personal favourite of mine. They are a Sony dev through and through, and you won't see them make anything for Xbox. Shame, really, because Uncharted would be even better on an Xbox controller. That flimsy PS3 one is miles behind Xbox. It's not comfortable at all.

I don't own a PS3, so can't comment on its controller. I do own an xbox, xbox 360 xbox one and PS4 however, and can safely say that the PS4 controller is by far the best.

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