Is it normal for the dashboard to get sluggish or slow after extended use now??

After they released that first patch update, the interface seemed to work fast as ever and for the most part it does snap back and forth between apps, games, and tv. But tonight, after a few hours playing COD and then going to watch tv and then snap the twitch and view achievements it froze on me while trying to switch between twith and the game and took about 2 minutes and catching up from my different button presses. The thing lately seems that you have to turn off the console and do fresh "reboot" every now and then. How are you supposed to leave this thing on for 24 hours a day like a normal pc/entertainment system when it's memory or cache seems to get bogged down after extended use. I do try and close out my apps after using them but is this normal for you guys as well??


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Yes an it sucks

I have yet to see this on my console.

It's not everyday...but like tonight I was back and forth on it for about 8 hours between tv and apps along with snapped twitch and games. It's usually just a simple quick reset and it's back to normal again but it just feels like more wondows irritants and not just a simple focused game and entertainments system designed to be easy and assessable to the masses. It's supposed to compliment or one day even replace my cable box...well, I never have to re-boot my cable box after using it too much at an extended

You have to make sure you guys are actually closing your games and apps when you are done with them. To do so, all you need to do is press the home button, highlight the game or app in question, press the menu button, and then select quit. Doing this will prevent your console from slowing down. Alternatively, you can also use the Kinect's voice commands - simply say, "Xbox go home" followed by "Xbox show menu" and then "quit."

I agree with GG, but to be honest it's a pain in the you know what, I have not had this problem, but I cannot understand why some do, the machine is designed to run multiple apps and multi function, some seem to have these issues though.

I do close every app and game after I'm done using them and it still happens after a few days until I do a hard reset. I even have the power saving option on that completely shuts the console down between uses.  This was designed to run alot of apps but they need to go back make sure that system is talking to the interface correctly as this is getting to be an annoying issue when it was one their "Hyped" abilities during the whole E3 debacle.  

A little solution to this I found was to go into settings and change to turn off (no background downloads). Completely turn off the console for a minute or so and then switch back on. You should see a noticeable difference.