Is it cheating ?

Is it cheating when more than 70% of players are doing it? Ok you have the most powerful game player. Biggest player following to date but you can't or don't do anything about people cheating or hacking. We Let me give you a run down, we have had 4 xboxs. 4 new xbox 360. now my kids want 4 xbox ones.  I hear them complain about the cheating and hacking it makes me sick to go spend $2000 on your so called super toy. I think in all your greed for power and sales.... You stopped careing about what put you where you are now. You need to really do something about security of your system or you'll lose your job security. 


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It is cheating regardless of how many people are doing it. Microsoft has an enforcement team that handles offenders however many of the in game cheating is due to the Game Developers not patching their games to prevent these people from cheating. Microsoft can only do so much from their end.


What we, the gamers, need to do is be more aggressive with the GAME DEVELOPERS to make sure they are preventing cheats/mods/glitches on THEIR games. And if they don't take care of us, the gamers, then we need to show them with our wallets and not support them.

Is there a problem to be helped with specifically or is this just a rant?

Your kids sound very spoilt to me, 4 of each console???

Does anyone else have a problem with a player called [Moderator removed: DO NOT name and shame on the forums, please file a complaint using the tools on your console].

I'm playing MW2 and and we are five seconds into the game, he scores a kill, the game is over and he has about 26,533 points to his name EVERYTIME. This [Moderator removed: Profanity] either needs to have his profile suspended, or he needs to move to the Playstation Network.

File a complaint via your console & you can't call out gamertags on the forums.

Smoke00077: Temhotabot is spot on.  Also you can look at the suspensions forum and see from the constant threads in there that MS IS doing something with regards to cheaters and anyone else who breaks the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct.  So your statement is a little off about MS not doing anything.

If you read the Xbox LIVE code of conduct it will tell you that cheating is not tolerated.

Like the old saying goes... If someone jumps off a cliff, are you going to aswell?

Just because someone is cheating or glitching or whatever does not give you or anyone else the right to do it aswell. If you see this kind of behavior, file a complaint and go on with your day. Don't copy them or it will be you that get's in trouble in the end.

I completely agree, there is a duty of care for MSN to sort out cheating when WE pay for a service it isn't free so you owe us! and no matter if 99% are doing it, if it's cheating it's WRONG! sort it or Sony will win the fight for Consoles!!!! you are NOT indestructable though you may think you are!

Hey there

As been stated. Microsoft are doing allot to keep Xbox Safe. However it falls down to:

1. Us Community gamers to report these people through the console. To Xbox or to the game developers.

2. The game developers to enforce their rules and regulations for their games

3. Microsoft and Xbox Live to enforce rules on the console.


So as you can see, we all need to help. You can't just expect Microsoft and the developers to do it allone. They need us to help report these people through the propper way.

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I hear you.  It's sickening.  But they don't care.  Their biggest market is cheaters.  What they should do is patch everybody in with the latest cheats and level the playing field.  EA is the real villain.  They are the ones allowing it on their servers.  We need to inundate them with complaints.

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