Is Back to Karkland not available immediately? (& other questions)

OK, so ive just read somewhere that the back to karkland DLC isnt available on Day 1, nor will it be. i also read its the size of BFBC2: vietnam. so when do you guys think it will be released? , my second question is, is that the only place that will have jets? as i was so looking forward to playing on wake island with aeroplanes, would be weird after so long playing in BF1943. my 3rd question is will the back to karkland DLC have achievements, i hope so?! and my last question is, what do you think the installable content is on Disc "1" <<< strange decision that, yet this is battlefield, a primary online game, as they said theyre would be dlc, thanks


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I know Back to Karkland is supposed to be out approx 1 month after release, sorry not sure on the rest, best to keep an eye on makinmagic's excellent thread here, he may well have posted answers somewhere in there, I haven't had chance to read everything.