Is anyone else getting signed out?

For some reason, I keep getting signed out of the forum whenever I refresh for new posts?


I'm using IE unfortunately as I'm at work but I never had this problem with the old forum?


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Nope no problem here but I'm using FF.

Have you tried clearing the cookies in IE? maybe there are conflicting ones between the old forum cookies and the new ones?

Since I have it set to delete cookies when I close the program I don't know if that could be a problem or not.

Nope, no problems of that sort here.

The only thing that's bothering me is the compatibility view still doesn't work on IE 9, even though I've enabled it.

Try changing the compatibility to IE8 and see if it makes a difference....the new layout isnt too Firefox 4 friendly either a few people including myself have found

Yeah, been happening to me and i'm using IE

No. Have you got a sticky F5?

a sticky F5?

and i can't adust any settings unfortunately with it being a work PC!

No, absolutely n

It's a known issue.

Being Signed Out

Some of you have probably noticed that you're being signed out from time to time...another hiccup that will eventually be addressed. So don't think you're being booted out because we don't like you.

ah excellent!

thanks for letting me know about that