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I own an iPod touch, and i love the music i have on there. I would LOVE to listen to these songs while i play, but I found that iPod touches and iPhones SPECIFICALLY aren't compatible with xboxes, whilst other iPods like nanos and shuffles are. Why is this, and are there any plans to make them compatible in the near future?

Thanks, xFuzzyLlamax


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Apple changed how music is stored with iPhone and iPod Touch, so it is their fault that those devices don't work with the 360.


I can't see Microsoft working too hard on making them compatible, as they'd need Apple's co-operation.

Ah i see. Many thanks :)

Just buy a stereo amplifier with a USB port or iPod Touch Dock attachment... It will have a remote control too & you won't have to press the guide button on controller, to change music while playing games like Gears Of War 3 etc...

Ive found a way around the problem, If i put my iPod earphones under my turtle beach headphones, it works :D

Yeah, that's right... You can attach the iPod Touch, using the 3.5mm headphone jack from TurtleBeach Headset to TV... Where the 3.5mm - RCA [Red & White] adapter is...  I didn't know, you were using a turtle beach headset etc..


You would need a 3.5mm splitter & male to male extension cable though & it would just add another cable to the mess... [Wired TurtleBeach headsets etc...] This setup, will allow you to hear gamechat too... you'll just need to turn up the chat volume or turn down the iPod volume to talk etc...