Ip Hacker Hacked Our Partys Ip's

Someone has recently hacked into me and my friends ip address. It cut off my router, nothing worked, it is fixed now but the player should not be let away with this.

He joined the party and told us that he was going to do it, he first done it to my friend then my friend got back on, then me and my router did not work for a few hours.


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You need to contact your ISP

Is there anyway to get him banned or anything, i cant block him,

Contact your ISP, this will start a criminal investigation on the offender. Ddos attacks are hard to prove on MS's side when it comes to an accusation of Ddos'ing. It is a criminal act though, therefore MS doesnt need to be involved with it. You can still report hm, and perhaps MS will be able to find something and ban him.


But contacting your ISP will be the biggest help.

Would that be my broadband?

[quote user="Ix IainCee xI"]

Would that be my broadband?


Uh, yes. ISP is your Internet Service Provider.

OP, let that be a lesson to you. Never let a random into your party, and if they are making threats to hack you leave the party and block them

^^ already too late by then he'll have everyone iPs booting offline for hours on end lol it's pathetic !

Or have your ISP set up dynamic Ip on your service so it changes everytime you reboot your modem