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I have a friend on live, gamer tag- [Mod Removed] who keeps booting me offline, which not only affects my xbox but other devices to. I'm not sure how to get round it effectively as i want to stay in parties with him because we want to talk to other people (that can't boot me offline), i was just wandering if there was a way to stop him from doing it in the future...


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It needs to be reported to your ISP as what they are doing is illegal.

Meantime if you are going to continue to game with him then i would imagine he is going to continue to do it.


If he sends any messages talking about what he is doing then report them to microsoft, on your console.

Indeed, WHY would anyone want to play with a person booting people offline???     No message needs to be sent for a report to be filed but, contacting your ISP is a good idea.    You could try changing your IP address aswell---- REMOVE this member from your friends list then Block communications, Avoid, and Mute.    Please file a report through your console and DO NOT send a message to this user again.       GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Hey guys, I think I hold the record of getting kicked offline myself, but now I do not have that problem. Chances are your ISP gives you a dynamic IP address, so in most cases the advice in the following youtube video I made could most likely be of some assistance.