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Here's the situation: My nephew plays offline on his 360 so he brings his profile over to mine on a USB drive when he wants to play online. He also brings his 360 over to get the updates for it and his games. He brought it over today and even though we were able to get the dashboard updates, it gives him an error saying his account isn't valid and that he should recover it. The problem is that he has earned about 5,000 in gamerscore since he last played online. I know that he shouldn't recover it to his 360 or he will lose everything he's earned offline. 


Things we have tried:

Recovering his gamertag to my 360-gives him his old gamerscore of 9,000+

Using his USB drive with his profile on mine-gives him the error that says to recover

Moving his saves from his USB drive to my hard drive in hopes that the achievements he earned offline will come up- saves won't load (most likely because I did not move the profile from the USB and we were trying to load them from the recovered gamertag)


Since gamertags can only be moved or recovered, I do not want to move his from the USB to my hard drive in case he loses his achievements. Is there any way to update the profile so that the online copy has the right score? I recovered my profile to his 360 so he can get game updates, but I want him to be able to play online with the correct score. 



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